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Please join me as I support First Person Arts with a year-end gift. Their work unleashing the power of voice transforms individuals and the community.
Just as they helped me transform.

I learned that First Person Arts offered workshops where people learn to tell a story. I was ready to try it. Our workshop leader helped the small group develop our stories. We attended the next StorySlam and put our names in the bucket. Maybe they wouldn't pick my name out of the bucket. They did. I tripped over the mic chord as I walked to the stage. I stood too close to the mic. It was too high. The host and I struggled to adjust it. Finally, I started my story.

It didn't matter what you looked like, what you said, how you said it - at First Person Arts people accepted your stories and you - just as you were. You could stutter, sweat, or even cry on stage, and they applauded at the end.

First Person Arts helped me overcome my fear. They created this warm, nurturing environment where I could be myself, find my own voice, and share that voice with the world. They embraced me. That's why I joined their board of directors.
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When you make a charitable gift to First Person Arts, you help us produce these impactful performances that are reflections of our shared experiences. Stories around of behavioural health recovery through our collaboration the Department of Behavioural Health and disAbility Services, the work we do with the Paschalville Library to help job seekers craft their job story in pursuit of their career, and in our monthly StorySlams where we create embracing environments that transforms lives. Your tax-deductible donation of $25 or more will go directly towards bringing more curated stories and supporting artists and staff.